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Teachers Can How the Schoology Course Name Appears

SMUSD Teachers can modify the default Schoology course name that appears in Schoology. This can be very helpful at the middle and high school, where students and teachers have multiple courses. Teachers can modify how the course appears for students two ways:

  1. Modify the Section Name. In your course, go to Course Options, Edit Info, next to "Section Name:" you can edit what it says here. What is entered here appears after the "Course Name" (which cannot be changed). We recommend that you include your Period and Semester. For example, a recommended name would be "Technology 101: Period 2, Semester 2."
  2. Edit the Picture for the Course. First, create an image that includes your Class Name, Teacher, and Period. Second, in your course, hover over the course image, click "Edit Picture," Attach File, and select the image you created.