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Students Cannot Access Google Document in Schoology Assignments

When students cannot view or access a google document, sheet, or slide in Schoology Assignments, one of three issues may be causing this:

  • Students need to be logged into with their SMUSD student google account (and make sure other Google accounts are logged off). Please log out all other Google accounts in that browser session or consider creating a dedicated Google Chrome profile with the student's SMUSD account. 
  • Students must authorize Schoology to access their Google Drive once so that Schoology can access the student's Google drive. Students just have to do this once the first time.
  • Students should click the "My Document" link to view the assignment. Schoology will connect with Google to automatically create a unique copy for the student and includes the student's name in the file to make it easy for teachers to distinguish assignments turned in by students.


See this video for a walkthrough of what a student can do to solve this issue.


Click to watch video