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Choppy/laggy Google Meet or Zoom

The general cause for choppy or laggy Meet or Zoom is due to slow internet access. Use the following tools to check your internet speed.

  1. Speedtest.net
    1. One of the more popular tool with apps for mobile devices
  2. Fast.com
    1. A browser based speed test

Most of San Marino residents should have access to Time Warner or Spectrum broadband internet and the average speed as to date is around 100 to 200 Megabites download speed. The tools mentioned above test both the download as well as the upload speed. Since online meeting require both the download as well as upload data path, a lag in either will tend to cause problem.

Lastly, some may choose to use their mobile devices, thus make sure that the devices are connected to the WiFi system instead of the 4G or LTE wireless.

If you still have issue, please contact our tech crew via LiveChat and we can investigate the issue.