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How Can I Get Technical Support

SMUSD Technical Support is available to ALL faculty, staff, parents, and students via Chat, Email, or 626-299-7002

In response to COVID-19, the SMUSD Technology Team will continue to provide technical support to faculty and staff who may be working off-site.  We are introducing a new technical support system called LiveChat to leverage the expertise of technical staff who are working at different locations. The new LiveChat technical support system will offer our employees several new options:

  • Chat online for two-way communication and faster technical support. Please visit www.smusd.us/livechat to create an online chat session with an available technology team resource. Our technology team will be working during scheduled work hours so if no one is available to chat, please try emailing or calling.
  • Email your technical support requests to techsupport@smusd.us. Emailed requests will be converted to tickets so that we can systematically respond.
  • Call and leave a message at the SMUSD Technical Support Message Hotline at 626-299-7002. Please leave your full name, call back number, email, and a description of the request. These messages will automatically be transcribed and converted into tickets so that we can systematically respond.