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Distance Learning Internet Connection Advisory

We are learning that many families are reporting poor internet connectivity with Spectrum. The culprit may be the wireless router within the home that is causing stability issues. Homes that have 15 or more internet-connected devices should consider investing in a "WiFi Mesh" system.

A WiFi Mesh system is a wireless router system that includes one main wireless router and separate satellite routers that distribute the internet throughout the home. Many homes today are still using a wireless router that is outdated (5+ years) or using the built-in WiFi router from Spectrum that may not have the capacity to serve the increased number of wireless devices in the home. It is easy to overlook all the smart cameras, speakers, doorbells, appliances, sprinkler controller, watches, and light switches that may be connected to the Internet. WiFi Mesh systems such as from Orbi, Nighthawk, TP-Link, or Eero can significantly improve WiFi in the home and are found at Costco, Best Buy, Amazon, and many retailers. The cost varies depending on the size of the home and coverage desired.

If you are experiencing inconsistent internet connectivity, consider a WiFi Mesh system to improve your internet experience.  This message is provided as an advisory in response to many families reporting internet issues with Spectrum.