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How to log into Clever as a student (Chinese) 學生登入Clever賬戶的步驟

  •  Open web browser and enter Clever.com in the URL 打開網絡瀏覽器頁面,然後在URL中輸入Clever.com。 
  •  Click on the Log in as a student button on the top right of browser window 單擊瀏覽器窗口右上方的“Log in as a student”按鈕 
  • Type in the school name in the Search for your school field 在”Search for your school” 一欄中輸入學校名稱進行搜索 
  • Carver elementary school (Carver小學) 
  • Valentine elementary school(Valentine小學) 
  • Huntington middle school(杭廷頓初中) 
  • San Marino high school (聖馬力諾高中) 
    • There are many schools in the list with the same name as ours schools, so please select the correct school by noting the San Marino Unified School District, CA name below the school name 列表中有些學校與我們學區內的學校同名,請在學校名稱下方註明聖馬力諾聯合學區(CA)的名稱來選擇正確的學校。 
    • Now click on the Log in with Google button 點擊“Log in with Google”按鍵 
  • Enter your student email address and click the Next button 輸入您的學生電子郵件地址,然後單擊“Next”按鍵 
  • Enter your student email password and click the Next button 輸入您的學生電子郵件的密碼,然後單擊“Next”按鍵 
  • Now you should have access to Clever portal 現在您應該可以訪問Clever線上平台了