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How to Approve Requisition in BEST

Requisition approvers who receive an email from best.adv.system@lacoe.edu must login to BEST at https://bestportal.lacoe.edu/ to approve the requsition.

Steps to review and approve:

  1. Click "Message Center", Worklist
  2. Click "Select Worklist" and select your departmental worklist.
  3. Find your requisition, checkbox the item, and click "Take Task."
  4. Go back to Select Worklist and choose your name from the drop down.
  5. You can check the item and click Approve or click on the ID to view details of the request (click Approve at the bottom). 
  6. Click Close.

Video on how to do this at https://www.loom.com/share/1c4005550ec64448a7b13a0be561bc3f