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How to login to Adobe Creative Cloud account (licensed to SMUSD) using your school email account?

Here are the three steps to enable your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Step 1

Activate or manage your Microsoft account. Adobe Creative Cloud using Microsoft account to authenticate the login.

  1. If this is the first time using Microsoft account, you need to REGISTER your cell phone number for future password self reset or recovery for your Microsoft Account. Your initial login username is your SMUSD email address, the password is your birth month and birthday and your last 4 SSN. (ie. your birth date is July 4th, your last SSN is 1234. Your initial login password should be: 07041234).
  2. You need to CHANGE your initial password after successfully registered your phone number.
  3. If you forgot your password, you can RESET it by yourself if you have registered your cell phone.

Step 2

Request for SMUSD Adobe ID

SMUSD employees who need an Adobe ID should submit this form. The SMUSD Adobe ID would provide you access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications, including Adobe Sign for eSignatures. The SMUSD Adobe ID uses your SMUSD issued Microsoft Active Directory to authenticate the login.

Step 3

Wait for an activation confirmation email.

After you received the confirmation email, you can go to Adobe Creative Cloud, and then click login.

a. On the sign-in page, you enter your SMUSD email address.

b. And then you will forward to the Microsoft login page, use the password you created in Step 1 to finish the authentication.

Now, you may begin to use all the apps that come with Adobe Creative Cloud. In the next step, here are the instructions to How to INSTALL Adobe Creative Cloud